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Dynamic Immortality

photo by simonse Physical immortality is a common concept in the two major realms I write about in this blog: speculative fiction and tabletop roleplaying games. A hero reaches a certain point in his career when he attains demigod status, and is thus immune to death by aging or natural causes. Vampirism and many other […]

What Works at the Table-Top, but not in the Manuscript

photo by kgeiger This is the other, dark half of an article I posted earlier about the bond between creative writing and GMing. It’s partly a list of differences between GMing and creative writing and partly a list of things that will work at the table-top, but not in the manuscript (as the title suggests). […]

d20 Metropolis: Rooftop Crossings

photo by jon So your PCs are on the rooftops, chasing after a random criminal, or perhaps a ripper (my renowned favorite via Cityscape). You hit the dilemma: in real cities, not every rooftop is the same height. But if they’re all different random heights, then the whole thing will grind to a halt the […]