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Dynamic Immortality

photo by simonse Physical immortality is a common concept in the two major realms I write about in this blog: speculative fiction and tabletop roleplaying games. A hero reaches a certain point in his career when he attains demigod status, and is thus immune to death by aging or natural causes. Vampirism and many other […]

d20 Metropolis: Rooftop Crossings

photo by jon So your PCs are on the rooftops, chasing after a random criminal, or perhaps a ripper (my renowned favorite via Cityscape). You hit the dilemma: in real cities, not every rooftop is the same height. But if they’re all different random heights, then the whole thing will grind to a halt the […]

What Dark Sun Means to a 4E Skeptic

So you’ve all heard it first from the #dnd and #gencon folks on twitter, and now on the official WoTC website. The classic 1990′s Dark Sun is the new 4E campaign setting to be released in 2010. So what does this mean to the future of 4E D&D? As many of you know, I myself […]