Fiction Friday 11: The Bowl

photo by terry ratcliff Dómhildr shoved the large bowl into Valda’s hands so forcefully that the young girl struggled for a brief second before dropping it. It clattered first onto the table, then to the the tile floor. Despite the cacophony, it did not shatter. Dómhildr crossed her arms and watched the young girl bend […]

Things I Just Figured Out: 001

Radio traffic reports actually are actually providing a service to commuters by explaining where traffic jams are. That way, they can avoid taking those paths and expedite their commute. I don’t really know what I used to think about traffic reports, now that I really consider it. I guess part of me just thought it […]

A Thought: How Immortals View Humans

photo by Troy Holden Immortals think of humans like we think of pets. When men and women are starving on the streets, they look on and sigh. Then go about their day, doing more important things. But when a mortal they love, a champion of sorts, is growing old or dying, their heart goes out […]