Meta Monday 5: What Realism Leaves Out

090823_Towerphoto by giampaolo

Gene Wolfe in an interview with Clarkesworld Magazine stated:

“Realistic fiction is typically about a married couple, both college teachers. He’s cheating on her with a student, so she cheats on him with whoever’s handy. Angst abounds. How true is that story for the bulk of humankind? Realistic fiction leaves out far, far too much. How old is realistic fiction? How old is fantasy?”

Whether you’re writing realistic literary fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, speculative, romantic, dark, epic, whatever; all Good Stories at their core are undeniably about the human condition. Keep in mind, that ultimately the glittering sword, the elevator to the moon, the withering zombie-ridden world, even the drab suburbia, no matter how genius and innovative and glorious and unheard of they are: they’re all just objects and scenery for human actors to manipulate and stand before. Don’t forget to focus on what’s truly important.

In writing and in life.

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